Homemade Honey Ginger Juice


Y’all, my throat has been killing me lately and so has the rest of my body. I thought, “hmmm, Ginger juice? Ginger + Honey juice?” YEP. This Honey Ginger Juice goes well in both Dani’s-Patented-Get-Over-Being-Sick-Tea* and is super tasty in loads of Cocktails. Really, I know, we’re all here for The Cocktails**. Now, I don’t have a juicer, just a Blender, Food Processor and two Strainers so this recipe is going to be for those of you who have a Blender or Food Processor.

Also, we’re going to do this in milliliters because the metric system is better. 🙂

What you need:

  • 500 ml Water
  • 250 ml Honey
  • 1 medium-large sized ginger root (like the size of your hand, see photo below)

What to do:

  1. Peel Ginger and add it to 250 ml warm water. Blend in Blender or pulse in food Processor until you have very fine particles of ginger.
  2. Pour contents through two Strainers into a pot, add 250ml honey and remaining 250 ml water.
  3. Heat on low low low heat until honey is dissolved. Do not let water get anywhere near boiling. Just warm enough to dissolve honey.
  4. Double strain again into storage container.
  5. This is pretty strong, so add water to taste but keep in mind, you’re going to want to use the Honey Ginger Juice in small doses for cocktails.


*Dani’s-Patented-Get-Over-Being-Sick-Tea: To one mug add a Ricola cough drop, 30 ml/1 oz Honey Ginger Juice, 15ml/ 0.5 oz Lemon Juice and stir until cough drop is dissolved.

**The Cocktails: The Honey Ginger Juice goes excellently in a Gold Rush, Gin Sour, Whiskey Smash, Gin Fizz, Dark & Stormy, as a substitute for Domain de Canton or really any drink which calls for Ginger.


3 thoughts on “Homemade Honey Ginger Juice

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