Bust Out Your Liqueurs for #BackBarChallenge


Happy October to all y’all! Ready for a fun challenge? For the entire week of Oct 3-9, @mmydrinks and I will be hosting the #BackBarChallenge on Instagram.

This whole thing came about when I was perusing Instagram a couple of days ago and ran across this amazing recipe from mmydrinks:

mmydrinks Midori Sour.png

It was a Midori Sour with a modern angle. Mike said Midori was his “spirit/liqueur that must not be named.” It’s the one you have but don’t really get around to using very often. The recipe included delicious ingredients like: Cucumber Mint infused St. George Gin, Honeydew infused Greene Chartreuse, Matcha Honeydew Syrup, Midori, and the garnish was two Matcha Marshmallows. UH-MAZING RIGHT?

Totally incredible! I left a comment saying, “Yarrrrr, this is a damn inspiration! My liqueur is Frangelico and now I’m inspired to use it!”

So I hit up Mike and said, “Hey, why don’t we do a challenge where we get everyone to dust off their old bottles of Liqueur, aka their ‘Back Bar’ and make some cocktails with those ingredients?” #BackBarChallenge was born!


From Oct 3 – 9 @mmydrinks and I will be making drinks with our infrequently touched Liqueurs and other modifiers from our Home Bars. But so will you!

Be creative! Be super creative. Make sweet drinks, make weird drinks, make drinks you’d never expect to make cause you’ve been too afraid to make them, create some wild garnishes, put flavors together that you’d not normally expect to put together! Someone please make a Pousse-Café! Above all – experiment and have tons o’ fun!

We’ll be reposting our fave recipes on Instagram so be sure to use the hashtag #BackBarChallenge so we can find your drinks and give them the love they deserve!

Cheers and happy Liqueur times to youuuuu!


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