Fred & Ginger

Perhaps my favourite tequila cocktail of all time.

This is perhaps my favourite Tequila cocktail of all time. I was going to name it “Swing Time” but then my brilliant girlfriend suggested “Fred & Ginger”. Just like the greatest American dancing-duo, this cocktail is smooth, exciting and timeless. 

Fred & Ginger

  • 2 oz Espolón Reposado Tequila
  • 3/4 oz Domaine de Canton
  • 3/4 oz Honey Syrup
  • 3/4 oz Lemon Juice
  • Two dashes of Regans’ Orange Bitters
  • Cucumber Wheel

Whilst watching Swing Time add ingredients to tin over cracked ice. Shake & strain into chilled coupe. Cucumber wheel garnish.


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