Home Bar Girl is dedicated to the culture of Classic Cocktails and Craft Cocktails around the world. Dani DeLuna will bring you delicious recipes for all sorts of drinks, reviews of spirits she likes, occasional field trips to incredible bars/events, all while keeping things a bit ridiculous. Y’all. 

Dani DeLuna regularly contributes to Liquor.com’s Drinkwire and many of her recipes have been featured on the Liquor.com front page. She is a freelance Spirits Industry writer who writes about Distillery history, production, and tasting notes of Spirits around the world for Taster’s Club in San Francisco, CA. She also posts on BarNotes, a community of cocktail enthusiasts who like to recipe swap.

Occasionally she does Cocktail Styling and her work has been featured in Lucy’s Magazine where she and a talented group of people got the cover of Lucy’s Vol 16.

Lucy's Shoot 1  Lucy's Shoot 4

Dani DeLuna grew up in the beautiful hills of Marin County, CA and thusly her journey began with California Wine. She is partial to red wine but will drink most any kind of wine (I’m looking at you Rosé). Though she now prefers French Wine above all else (le snob), she still thanks California for emphasizing a culture of wine snobbery and sensitive palates. In her early twenties, Dani moved to Birmingham, AL and therefore her focus moved from Wine to Beer and Bourbon. Now living in Brooklyn, NY she has joined the Craft Cocktail Movement with a fever which can only be described as “intoxicating”.


Do you like podcasts? Dani was interviewed by Corey Smock of Smock Podcasting for his show Strong Takes, Episode 10. You can check out the fun-filled interview on iTunes.

Cheers and Enjoy your visit!

*Unless otherwise specified all photographs and recipes have been created by Dani DeLuna and are available to use but only if you give proper credit. Thanks y’all!

**If you’d like to get in touch: homebargirl@gmail.com


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    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Home Bar Girl has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 25 Cocktail Blogs on the web.


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