Welcome to Home Bar Girl!

gin & orange

Hello everyone!

After months of peer pressure, strongly worded suggestions and tons of cocktails, I’m starting a blog.

Here at Home Bar Girl myself and some of my friends will share cocktail recipes for original cocktails, classic cocktails and craft cocktails made right here in my Brooklyn apartment! Occasionally, I will post videos of how to make drinks by fabulous bartenders from around the internet. On special occasions, I’ll take a field trip to a fancy cocktail bar and post reviews and photos of the drinks I sipped.

It’s gonna be fun, gonna be a tad ridiculous but most importantly, it’s gonna be delicious!

To get things started, I’m posting five original cocktail recipes for your tippling pleasure! If you’d like to know what’s in my bar, please head over to the (tl;dr) page My Home Bar.


Home Bar Girl


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