#IrishWhiskeyMonth with Teeling


Happy Leap Day Y’all! Tomorrow begins one of my favorite months, March (aka Irish Whiskey Month). I’m totally obsessed with Teeling Whiskeys so I’ll be making a bunch of cocktails with the two bottles pictured above.

Since I want this month to be a real PRRRRTY, I’ll be reposting cocktails on Instagram that have the hashtag #IrishWhiskeyMonth.


If you’ve been reading my blog since last March, you’d know that the first time I tasted Teeling Small Batch Whiskey a lil rocket ship launched in my soul. It’s aged in Nicaraguan Rum casks which means it plays extremely well with all things tropical. As someone who’s obsessed with Tiki, this Whiskey is near and dear to my heart.


Equally as near and dear to my heart is Teeling Single Grain. Like my Californian self, this Whiskey was aged in exclusively California Red Wine barrels. (Yes, I myself was aged in California Wine during gestation. It was the early 1980s.) As a result of this really unique process, Teeling Single Grain has loads of berry notes and really killer body.


So, take a couple days, get yerselves prepped, and let’s have a roaring #IrishWhiskeyMonth!


4 thoughts on “#IrishWhiskeyMonth with Teeling

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