Lemon Oleo Saccharum & Sherbet

Lemon Sherbet

Since Lemon Sherbet is my new fave cocktail ingredient, I thought I’d give it it’s own post. I configured this recipe based on instructions in Punch by David Wondrich, which holy shit, so many fabulous things in that book. GET IT NOWWWWW. It will change your liiiiife.

In order to make Lemon Sherbet, we must first make Lemon Oleo Saccharum, an old skool syrup made from Lemon peels and sugar.

Lemon Oleo Saccharum

  • The peels of 4 lemons
  • 8 oz superfine Sugar

Combine Lemon peels and Sugar in a jar and muddle. Let sit for several hours or overnight, shaking occasionally. You want a syrup to form from the Lemon Oil and sugar. Remove peels from jar. Save the peels for garnishes if you like.

Taste the jaw-dropping fabulousness. Your Cocktails will never be the same again.

Lemon Sherbet

  • Lemon Oleo Saccharum
  • 8 oz fresh, strained Lemon juice

Combine Oleo Saccharum and Lemon juice together and shake until all of the Sugar has dissolved and everything is swimming together nicely. Keep for around 2 weeks in the fridge.

Lemon Sherbet

Use Lemon Sherbet as often as possible, obvi, I have. You’ll never want to use Lemon Juice & Simple Syrup again. I swear to the stars! The concentrated flavor from the Lemon oil makes everything so much more rich.


Ed Note: I’ve updated the recipe to say 1 cup of sugar for 4 Lemon peels, equaling 2 oz of Sugar per Lemon. This is a more favourable ratio.