Diplomatico World Tournament + Booze Cruise

Y’all, I had the fabulous opportunity attend the Diplomatico World Tournament US Final on 12 Jan. This round of the competition pitted six excellent bartenders from around the country against one another to make the greatest Rum cocktail ever and go to Venezuela to represent the USA in the World Final. Awesome cocktails. Awesome Rum. … Continue reading Diplomatico World Tournament + Booze Cruise

My Home Bar

Welcome one and all to my Home Bar! This is where the magic happens! I live in a tiny 500 sq ft apartment in Brooklyn but I try to cram as much in as I can. Cheers to THAT! Equipment: Bar Tools  Two shakers of different sizes, One Cocktail Kingdom Jigger 1oz/2oz, One Cocktail Kingdom … Continue reading My Home Bar

Stirred Drinks with Rhum Agricole: Guadeloupe Martinez

Howdy y’all! We’re continuing with the theme of “Home Bar Girl gets obsessed with things and can’t stop talking about them.” The current obsession: Rhum Agricole, the format: Stirred. Today I’ve got my second Stirred Drink with Rhum Agricole: the Guadeloupe Martinez. …aaaaaaaaaand it’s so tasty! I’m know i’m tooting my own horn here and I … Continue reading Stirred Drinks with Rhum Agricole: Guadeloupe Martinez