Punch for Two with infused spirits from Ethan + Ashe & Alkemista

Alright y’all, today I’m pretty pumped to be talking about a Kickstarter project from Ethan + Ashe! “WHUT GURL? Kickstarter? You’re talking to us about something that doesn’t exist yet?” Yeah y’all, I’m talking about Alkemista, an infusion kit for all of us home bartenders and it’s a pretty brilliant idea! So what is Alkemista? It’s a … Continue reading Punch for Two with infused spirits from Ethan + Ashe & Alkemista

Beach Nut Punch

Hey, y’all. Ever had one of those days where you wish you were at the beach by an actual jungle, and not stomping around the concrete jungle? Me too. My still-tanned girlfriend and I returned from Tulum, MX two weeks AGO (how the tiiiiiiime flies), but seriously y’all, I MISS IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. Well, since I … Continue reading Beach Nut Punch

DD’s Cider Punch

It’s that spoooooky time of year! The time for sizzling dishes, ghoulish wishes, and festive gatherings. Seriously, if you’re throwing any kind of Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos/Harvest/I Love Autumn party, you can’t go wrong with Hot Apple Cider Punch! I created this Punch last Friday for a party my illustrious girlfriend was attending that night. Being … Continue reading DD’s Cider Punch