Capone’s Curse

I was totally ready to share a stirred drink with y’all, when suddenly it snowed again here in Brooklyn! This change of weather has me feeling pressed to post another Tiki The Snow Away drink (and this one uses Templeton Rye ). MAY THE GODS FAVOR US WITH BETTER WEATHER! Warmer climates! Warmer climates! Oh how I wish … Continue reading Capone’s Curse


Mayan Macao

Mooooving and grooooving right along with Tiki The Snow Away in these frigid times. Today’s drink uses Blood Orange (seasonally topical!) and Corralejo Tequila Blanco for a super refreshing winter Tiki drink! If you want to share a tropical drink during the month of January, use the hashtag #TikiTheSnowAway on Instagram and Twitter, or tag homebargirl on … Continue reading Mayan Macao

National Margarita Day with Casa Noble Crystal

February 22 is National Margarita Day and I have been #blessed y’all, #BLESSED with this fabulous bottle of Casa Noble Crystal to make Margaritas. I was totally blown away by how tasty this Blanco Tequila is and will try to describe it in a few words. On the Nose: Pineapple, Strawberry, Grasses On the Tongue: Banana, Citrus, Chocolate, … Continue reading National Margarita Day with Casa Noble Crystal