Mayan Macao

Mooooving and grooooving right along with Tiki The Snow Away in these frigid times. Today’s drink uses Blood Orange (seasonally topical!) and Corralejo Tequila Blanco for a super refreshing winter Tiki drink! If you want to share a tropical drink during the month of January, use the hashtag #TikiTheSnowAway on Instagram and Twitter, or tag homebargirl on … Continue reading Mayan Macao

National Margarita Day with Casa Noble Crystal

February 22 is National Margarita Day and I have been #blessed y’all, #BLESSED with this fabulous bottle of Casa Noble Crystal to make Margaritas. I was totally blown away by how tasty this Blanco Tequila is and will try to describe it in a few words. On the Nose: Pineapple, Strawberry, Grasses On the Tongue: Banana, Citrus, Chocolate, … Continue reading National Margarita Day with Casa Noble Crystal