Citrus Sherbet #2 & Hot Ruby Punch

Happy Holidays y’all! Citrus season is upon us and it’s time for the next experiment in my quest to find the best Citrus Sherbet ever! For my second Citrus Sherbet, I wanted to focus on the flavor of Grapefruit but that poses a bit of a problem in this country. “Why?” You may ask? Ideally, White Grapefruit … Continue reading Citrus Sherbet #2 & Hot Ruby Punch


Hamilton Tiki Takeover at Glady’s: Photo Essay

On July 28th, my girlfriend, some friends and I went to the best event ever: Hamilton Tiki Takeover at Glady’s Caribbean restaurant in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Shannon, the beverage director and Rum Kween, invited me a few days before and I was beyond excited. Ministry of Rum tasting! Ed Hamilton in Brooklyn! Tiki drinks with some … Continue reading Hamilton Tiki Takeover at Glady’s: Photo Essay