HBG’s Spiced Daiquiri

Howdy y’all! As you’ve probably noticed from the photo, I didn’t make this drink at my Home Bar cause these days, I’m a busy lady! The beautiful backdrop for this drink is Duke’s Liquor Box in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where I work as “The Captain” several days a week. Today I’m suuuuuuuper pumped to be talking about … Continue reading HBG’s Spiced Daiquiri


Cocktail Crate Grapefruit Daiquiri & Maple Sour

HELLOOOOO NEW COCKTAIL CRATE MIXERS! As y’all probably know, I’m really into these mixers. I’ve written several articles about Cocktail Crate mixers and 100% of the time, they’ve been awesome. I’m not sure what kind of magic Alex uses to make his stuff, but damn son! This time, he sent me a Grapefruit Daiquiri mixer … Continue reading Cocktail Crate Grapefruit Daiquiri & Maple Sour